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Founded in 2001 with a mandate from Hans-Georg Gadamer, the International Institute for Hermeneutics (IIH) facilitates the fusion of horizons of human meaning through historical, philosophical, and theological research. It is founded upon the conviction that interdisciplinary, inter-religious, and inter-linguistic discussion must be at the forefront of the pluralistic university of the twenty-first century. In pursuit of this goal, the IIH opens a forum for interdisciplinary and multi-lingual collaboration on hermeneutics, particularly, though not exclusively, in philosophy, theology, and comparative literature. Through seminars, lectures, conferences, and publishing, the IIH situates academic hermeneutic praxis, the concrete activity of interpreting texts, within the framework of general hermeneutic theory. Although primarily a research institute, the IIH has a view to the application of hermeneutics in teaching. Its mission is to facilitate the uncovering and reflective analysis of the hermeneutic presuppositions and foundational disputes operating within the academy, inspire research in hermeneutics, and assist university departments in including hermeneutics in their pedagogy.

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We would like to thank the Department of Philosophy and the Office of Research of Memorial University of Newfoundland for financial support.

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