Developing a physician management and leadership program in Newfoundland and Labrador

Victor Maddalena, Lisa Fleet, Fran Kirby, Robert Glynn, Brian Hurley, Bill Morrissey, Susan Arscott, Larry Alteen, Oscar Howell


Background All physicians should be able to demonstrate several key Manager skills and qualities, one of which is Leadership. However, many are asked to take on such roles without being provided with appropriate knowledge, skills and training. In response, the Government of Newfoundland and Labrador, in collaboration with the Regional Health Authorities (RHAs) and Memorial University (MUN), has initiated the development of a physician management and leadership program for those already in, or interested in taking on, one or both of these roles. Objectives To determine the perceived and unperceived learning needs of current physician leaders in NL; to develop a program to address the identified needs. Methods (1) Key informant interviews; and (2) an online survey-questionnaire. Results Interviews with N=5 current physician leaders from MUN and the RHAs; N=423 survey respondents (of which N=215 were physicians). Recommendations addressed preferred topic areas, as well as program delivery format, structure, duration, and features. Ten modules have been developed, with launch in September 2012 via a combination of live, online, and blended approaches. Modules will be piloted and evaluated with a cohort of provincial leaders. Conclusions The Physician Management & Leadership Program is designed to equip physicians in NL with the skills and expertise required to excel as effective leaders. Its development was supported by a comprehensive needs assessment process. The modules delivered will be CME-accredited and successful participants will be eligible to receive a certificate for their participation.

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