John Hewson-a Festschrift

John Hewson


Dr. John Hewson's appointment to Memorial University's Henrietta Harvey Chair in May 1997 marked 37 years of distinguished service as scholar, teacher and administrator.
Dr. Hewson, an APLA member since the early days of our association and a scholar of national and international reputation, cannot be pinned down to any particular specialization: one could say that he has had a distinguished career in several branches of Linguistics. His scholarly
achievements in General Linguistics, Theoretical Linguistics, Historical Linguistics, Amerindian, and Romance Linguistics are impressive in both quality and quantity. His CV lists 14 completed books (with 3 more in preparation), 141 published papers and reviews, and 93 papers to Learned Societies, including, for example, the closing address of the final plenary
session of the most recent International Congress of Linguists (a world event staged every five years), held in Quebec in 1992.

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