Diagnostic features of English-lexifier contact-languages: Grenada Creole English

Andrei A. Avram


This paper draws on both diachronic and synchronic data and presents the attestations in Grenada Creole English of the diagnostic features of English-lexifier pidgins and creoles proposed by Baker & Huber (2001). This is followed by a comparison of the distribution of these features in Grenada Creole English and in the seven Atlantic English-lexifier contact languages considered by Baker & Huber (2001), and the quantification of the affinities of Grenada Creole English with several Eastern Caribbean varieties: Antiguan, Bajan, Kittitian, the Creole of Trinidad and Tobago, and Vincentian. A number of selected diagnostic features recorded in Grenada Creole English are then discussed in terms of their provenance, their relevance to the Western Eastern Caribbean creoles divide, and their classification.


diagnostic features, Grenada Creole English, Atlantic, world-wide, Caribbean

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