The International Conference on Marine and Freshwater Environments (iMFE 2014)

The iMFE 2014 conference will be held in St. John's on August 6-8. 

Marine and freshwater are essential components of the earth's hydrosphere and their protection has been one of the most critical and challenging tasks for all the involved researchers, engineers and decision makers at a global scale. Within a changing global context, effective protection and management of water environments demand continuously improved knowledge and technologies, sound decisions and practices, and benign legal and socio-economic environments. The iMFE 2014 intends to provide a unique international platform for exchange of ideas and experiences amongst researchers, practitioners and regulators in the field. Through this 3-day event, they can discuss and appreciate of various aspects involved in the protection of freshwater and marine environments as well as sustainable development of natural resources (water, oil & gas, mineral, etc.).


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